Monday, April 20, 2015

Special Guest Blog Hop

I am so excited to introduce you to some amazing artists who graciously accepted an invitation to join in the Tiddly Inks crew for the day! They should look familiar to many of you as they joined in the DT call last time and wowed us with their great creations.

I hope you enjoy hopping around to all their blogs. We have made it easy for you today. We have a list of permalinks to their blog posts for today. To get there, click on each link and it will open a new window, That way, you can keep our list open and still visit the blogs in any order you want. :)

Have fun!

Participating blogs!!

I am so grateful for all the amazing artists who love and use Tiddly Inks.... it makes it so much fun to draw and doodle knowing that you guys are going to blow them away!


And just a reminder of our come-back freebies tomorrow....


Troppo Stella said...

:-))))) WWWOOOWWW Thank you so much!!! <3 <3 <3

Lisa Lara said...

Brilliant idea to spotlight these talented designers. Awesome creations. A few links did not work for me though.

Lisa West said...

thank you to Christy for a fabulous hop. xxx

ccroll said...

Hey Lisa,
I have double checked them and they are all working now... :)

Deborah Anton said...

Thank you Christy for putting this hop on. Everyone is so talented!

Patricia Alvarez said...

Thank you Chirsty! Xx

Chiara Robin said...

To Troppo Stella:
many congratulations from Greece
We love you :)
Association Greek scrappers from the Dadia Forest
Many greetings

Troppo Stella said...

:-))) WWWOOOWWWW Chiara!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!! <3 <3 thank you

Kate W said...

Thanks for the blog hop! Lots of inspiration x

Sara I. said...

So humbled to be a part of such an awesome hop amongst all these talented ladies! Thank you Christy!!

monica said...