Friday, October 24, 2014

New Images for Autumn! Wryn and Mavis

Hi all! My brother sent me an adorable picture of my niece Lilly Claire playing in the leaves...and ironically, I had already started drawing a little girl and her Staffy puppy in the leaves. The new puppy is actually driving me insane....adorable though she may be, we have never had a bull dog before and they are sooooo stinky!! Not the normal stink of an indoor dog---stinky all the time despite regular baths. LOL And worse, turns out this is normal per her vet...yikes! My daughter is still totally in love, but we are several pairs of expensive shoes down and a very stinky living room now as she has infiltrated the carpet and couch with stinky dog smell....good thing she is so ugly she is cute!! LOL

Meet the cute little Wryn's Leaves

Lucianna using Wryn's leaves and Wryn's Tree



And then we have Couple of Fall Cuties

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Release - Christmas Polar Bear ---and Ducks

Hi all! I am so excited about these new images---and to announce a special blog hop!

Let's start with the blog hop. Our team mate Melissa is due to give birth any day now to a baby boy, Brennan, and we wanted to send her some love. :) If you want to check out a surprise blog hop for Melissa (and maybe join in), please head on over to the Challenge Blog. We hope you come by!

And now for the images: I am so in love with two of them that I couldn't wait to show them off. :) I have had this polar bear image in mind for a while and it turned out so much better than I imagined...and the ducks, well, everyone should have ducks dancing around at Christmas. LOL

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Please welcome the 3 newest images to Tiddly Inks....

And my newest favorite of all time....Winterlights Wryn

Please join us for Melissa's blog hop HERE and I hope you enjoy the new images. 

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Don't forget about the puppies we released last week!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Going to the Dogs--- Cute Dogs!

Hey all! We recently got a new puppy that we rescused from the pound. She is about 4 months old purebred Staffordshire Terrier and a hilarious, stocky little thing. She is bound and determined not to be housetrained, but she is remarkably calm and friendly---which means she will be a terrible guard dog when she is older---she might lick you to death. LOL

Anyway, we got her by "default" as I had another puppy in mind when we went to the pound, but Mia stole our hearts and she was the one that came home. I originally wanted a little Scottie-looking pup who inspired me to draw these little cuties, but was in quarantine---and 3 weeks later is still not out, poor puppy. I hope he gets better and finds the right family.





Hope you have a great day! Please stop by our latest challenge and add your sparkly puppy creation to our next challenge